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SecForCARs Project Overview

Since 2018, the German SecForCARs project investigates the security of connected and automated vehicles. With its 14 partners from industry and academia, it addresses a broad range of challenges, ranging from analysis of the extended attack surface of connected, automated vehicles that includes attacks on vehicle systems, sensor attacks, for example on its RADAR sensors, or attacks that try to manipulate its data fusion and control algorithms.


The project also works on security testing tools that help us to better understand and find such vulnerabilities and attacks. Based on a deeper understanding of attacks, the project investigates new approaches to model-based security engineering, security and safety co-design methodologies and risk analysis.

Another focus is on novel security architectures and security mechanisms for connected, automated vehicles. Among others, we provide security architecture design patterns, more secure control algorithms for cooperative adaptive cruise control, and advanced intrusion detection approaches.

Overall, SecForCARs takes a unique and more holistic approach to the security of automated cars than most previous projects. Now in its fourth year, SecForCARs partners have created a lot of exciting results that we want to share with a broader audience. As the current pandemic situation is preventing us from organizing large on-site events, we will present those results in a series of videos and blog posts that will be available through our website, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We aim for regular updates with new material being put online every week. So make sure you subscribe to our channels to not miss any topics.